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    Organization chart

    General Introduction

    1. Form of business organization.

    Sao Viet Equipment Accessory Limited Company  is established in the form of private company, operated in compliance with business law passed by the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in XI session( 8th meeting) in 2005…. located in 63 Nguyen Khang street, Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi and in the certificate of business registration No. 0101603477 issued by Hanoi department of planning and investment on 5th of January in 2005.

    Sơ Đồ Tổ Chức

    Sơ Đồ Tổ Chức

    Sao Viet Equipment Accessory Limited  Company  has own seal, independent property and bank accounts in accordance with the provisions of Law.
    Sao Viet Equipment Accessory Limited Company  has organized and operated on the basis of regulations which were passed by members of the council in May, 2007 with different business functions.
    2. Functions of the company.

    Supplier of equipments and materials for industrial projects
    Supplier of equipments for factories, firms
    Supplier of excavators, rollers, cranes, grabs …. for industrial zones.
    Owner of Tenova brand (specializes in the production and distribution of sanitary ware)
    Exclusive distributor of SeaHorse brand (European Lubricants)


    + Mechanical processing equipment

    + Lifting equipment for construction

    + Mining equipment

    + Equipments and materials for metallurgy

    + Building materials, sanitary ware, kitchen equipment

    + Lubricants for industrial, mining and civil

    + Tires and Batteries

    THE DIFFERENCE: All employees must gain 3 following standards:

    Virtuous – Attitude – Grade

    Team: Graduated from University of Technology, Foreign Trade 100% with excellent, experienced in the trade sector as well as machinery and equipment for industry.

    Equipped with a full range of courses on skills such as communication …

    Products: products are imported from developed countries in Europe such as Germany, Netherlands, England, Turkey………… with European standards


    HOTLINE: [024.6251.0520]